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Always be Aware of Hidden Car Rental Agency Cost
Wednesday, Nov 28 2012

There are a number of people try to build car rental agency company in Indonesia. It is caused by the economic rise as well as the number of benefit they can dig out of such business. Many people choose to rent a car when they have important meeting or event as well as long vacation. The new and amateur car rental agency only know how to get their money from the rental price. On the other hand a huge car rental agency will use all method necessary to take all your money.

The first method for car rental agency to take away your money is by asking you to pay for car insurance. Even if the car insurance is important to protect the rented car from minor to major damage, but they usually charge you more than the usual price. Some car rental agency may refund your money if you have succeeded in returning the car undamaged. Such rental agency is the one you should find. The secondary cost car rental agency may take from you is when you want to drive the car by your own. They will usually ask you who will take the car. If the driver is under 25 years old, then the car rental agency will ask you to pay more than usual price. Furthermore if you want to use child chair for your children safety you should pay some extra fee for it. The last additional cost you may find is regarding gas. If you return the car with empty tank, then you should refill it on the agency. Usually they will charge you twice compared to the market price. Hence it is a good idea to refill the tank before returning the car.

You as the renter should be very careful regarding those additional cost if you do not want to pay exceeded your main budget.