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How to Start Car Rental Jakarta Service
Wednesday, Nov 28 2012

Starting a business of car rental Jakarta is easy of you have the necessary financial support. Even more, the Return of Investment you will get from car rental Jakarta business is very high. Both of them are the reason why there are a number of people making such business. Nowadays people way of thinking has changed, they prefer to rent a car compared to riding a taxi because renting a car is a lot cheaper. To make it easier, car rental Jakarta can be split into 2 categories. The first one is renting the car without driver. This model usually apply for the one who rent their car in weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The secondary model is renting the car with the driver. This model usually being rented in hourly basis.

When your car rental Jakarta have find your renter candidate, you cannot directly give out the keys, you should always make sure that they have valid identity card as well as driving license. If you do not do such thing, then surely there are a lot of people will try to take your car away. Each of your owned car must always have insurance in order to cover for any minor or major damage that might happen in the future. Insurance will show its importance when your car is wrecked because of accident or one of your renter steal them. Without insurance, you will have to take care those financial loss by yourself. If you are unsure with your renter, you may ask them to rent the car including the driver. Thus you can keep your mind at ease. Placing a GPS system on your car in the car rental Jakarta can also be a good idea to know where your car now is. You should always remember to provide the necessary service when needed including child chair as well as GPS map system.